Time to get started

Time to get started…

The toughest part about embarking on a new project is taking the first step. I was sitting in my office today with the snow coming down outside, and I had absolutely no motivation to start blogging about my preparation for the 2016 MS Ride … Until I remembered I hadn’t shared my pictures from Team Bike 4 Mike’s offseason competition.

With brand new “Team Bike 4 Mike” jerseys in hand, we decided to have a little contest to see what crazy places we could get pictures of our jerseys throughout the year. I initially took mine out to Vancouver where I was caught on film at Grouse Mountain and in front of the Olympic monument.B4M Blog Shot

Next I brought it on my trip to Mexico.


Then Taylor Bridges from the MS Society walked into my office to present me with a plaque for my fund raising efforts from last year’s MS Ride, since I hit the $5000 milestone.

As you know from following this blog, I had a great 2015 MS Ride experience. The training, the fund-raising and then the actual event all went off without a hitch. I logged over 1500 km on my bike in training, I exceeded my fundraising goal with the fantastic support of my friends and family and the ride itself was enjoyable. So much so that I’m ready for a fourth Ride this summer.


Of course, her burning question for me was: “Are you riding again this year?”


With my answer readily in hand, it was then I decided I’d better get started.

Please follow this link to donate generously:http://mssoc.convio.net/site/TR/BikeTour/OntarioDivision?px=1337501&pg=personal&fr_id=4903&s_locale=en_CA



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