Beer tasting in Waterloo


This year I decided to kick off my fund raising campaign for the 2016 MS Ride at a beer tasting event held for some of my best clients. Even though the weather was questionable, 32 people joined my wife Lori and I at Abe Erb in Waterloo for a little mid week drinking…err, sampling some locally brewed beer.


Abe Erb is a small brew pub located in Uptown Waterloo with a focus on a small craft selection of premium ales and lagers that can only be found in shop. Every batch is custom. Every beer must be clean and fresh. Every beer must be perfect…and were they ever.


Ian, the brew master at Abe Erb, took us through four different beers that he and his team brew in house.  Just like the whisky tasting I hosted last year, not every beer was for everyone.  Ian’s enthusiasm for his craft was obvious and he interacted with all of my clients, answering any questions asked.


The feedback from those that attended got better and better as the night went on…go figure. 😉


And yes, it’s true. I actually got out for a ride in February this year.  One day late last month the temperature in KW got up to 15 degrees and the snow was mostly gone so I leapt at the opportunity to log my first 30 kms of the year.  It wasn’t an enjoyable ride as sand and salt was still all over the roads and it was a little windy…but I can still say I got out in February. I’m looking forward to spring finally arriving and for the cycling season to start in earnest.


I know there are many worthy charities to support, but if you can find room in your charity budget to support my MS Ride efforts in 2016, please  click here!  Last year I raised just over $5000 and I’m hoping that we can match or better that total with this years effort.


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